The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office received the following calls from Aug. 26 to Sept. 1:

Aug. 26

An officer reports making an arrest for trespass on Waterworks Avenue in Weaverville.

In Ruth, there is a report of shots fired. Officer advises incident was already reported to CHP and officer will pass on further information to that agency.

A Burnt Ranch caller reports his neighbor cut his water line again.

A caller says he recently purchased property on Tucker Hill Road in Douglas City and has had a number of problems with transients coming onto his property and living there, sometimes under his house and leaving drug paraphernalia all around.

A caller reports a person trespassing, walking around the caller’s property on Taylor Street and stalking him. Officer advises him to get a restraining order and a trespass admonishment will be given.

In Mad River, a caller reports unknown persons tried to break into his vacation residence and steal items. They couldn’t get in but instead broke into outbuildings and stole various items.

A caller reports possibly finding human skeletal remains and partial clothing on East Weaver Creek Road near the creek. Caller was unsure what he saw and then left the location. He didn’t leave contact information. Officer searched the area for the caller and checked some of the creek area but unable to locate anything. Will attempt to find caller for better location.

Aug. 27

ER staff report a dog bite victim from the Wildwood area being treated. Officer spoke to patient and attempted to contact dog owner. Officer advises message left with public health, so far no records have been found of rabies shots for dog.

A male is heard yelling, possibly for help, in Lewiston. A woman is yelling, possibly at him. Officer contacted parties involved and it was verbal only.

Officers report cultivation on Highway 299 at Junction City and on South Fork Road in Salyer.

Citations are issued for code violations in Hayfork at Reservoir Road, North Oak Avenue,

Quinn Lane, East Road, Highway 3, and Nelson Road, and in Weaverville on North Union Ridge Road.

Aug 28

Code enforcement is reported on Jordan Road in Douglas City.

Medical aid is requested for the victim of a vehicle accident on Highway 3 in Douglas City.

A burglary is reported on Main St. in Weaverville. Caller says someone entered the restaurant through the side door and took change from the register, a large amount of food, a coffee pot and other items.

A Weaverville woman reports someone spray painted “whore” on the address sign in her front yard.

In Hayfork, a caller reports her husband gave their neighbor temporary permission for 10 days to use a road on their property to access his so he can transport his equipment and supplies to his marijuana grow. After 30 days her husband put a lock on the gate, and suspect cut it off and is still using the road.

Humboldt County sheriff dispatch reports they got an anonymous call reporting a suspect was causing them problems while swimming at the Trinity River access on Highway 299 near the county line, and the suspect became verbally aggressive and pulled a knife on anonymous caller. Officer reports insufficient information to initiate an investigation.

Vandalism is reported on Main Street in Weaverville.

A caller reports the cameras outside Trinity County Behavioral Health were vandalized by hitting them with a bible book. Suspect had been sleeping behind the building at night.

Grand theft from the pro shop at the golf course is reported.

An officer reports cultivation at six sites on McDonald Creek Road in Burnt ranch.

A sexual assault is reported in Weaverville.

Aug. 29

A robbery is reported. Caller says he was accosted at the rest stop in Salyer on Highway 299. Subject punched him and took away his phone. Caller ran down to the bar to get away, leaving his truck at the rest stop. Dispatch advised CHP who will take care of the call since it was on state property.

An officer requests a case number for code violations in Hayfork at Gravel Mix Road, Ryan Lane, Duncan Hill, Morgan Hill road, and Highway 3, and in Lewiston on Highway 299.

In Hayfork, a caller reports a subject pinned him down while holding trimming scissors to his throat and said he’d kill him.

A caller reports her son is unstable and made comments that concerned her. Officer found subject does not meet criteria for a mental health hold.

Aug. 30

Vandalism is reported on Underwood Mountain Road Burnt Ranch. Caller believes a subject is cutting his waterline. Officer advises it’s a civil matter as neither party has legal control of the property.

A vehicle fire is reported in Douglas City. No medical aid needed.

Two warrant arrests are made in Weaverville.

An assault is reported on Trinity Dam Boulevard.

A caller reports shots fired in Weaverville.

Aug. 31

A report comes in of indecent exposure at Ruth Lake. Caller has license plate. Officer contacted a Humboldt sergeant and requested a “knock and talk.” Humboldt officer went but reported there was no answer. Subject is reported to be currently in the Ruth and Mad River area in an RV moving around.

A warrant arrest is made in Ruth.

On Highway 299 in Junction City a caller reports a young man, early 20s, claiming to be a police officer and wanting to get into caller’s van. He had a flashlight and is looking in other vehicles as well. Suspect arrested for attempted robbery.

Sept. 1

Child molestation is reported.

A Lewiston caller reports a light on her swimming pool was shot out.

A structure fire that spread to wildland is reported on the Ruth Zenia Road.

Vandalism is reported on Main Street in Weaverville. Caller says a female standing in front of Alps Towing was throwing sticks at cars. He went out on a call and when he returned the windows were broken out of the business and there are sticks lying all over the ground, and female is now standing near the road on Main Street with a small dog.

A warrant arrest is made in Weaverville.

A small vegetation fire is reported six miles out Tule Creek Road near Indian Valley. USFS advises fire was out prior to arrival.

There were 23 calls for medical aid for the week.

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