The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office received the following calls from Sept. 16 to 22

Sept. 16

At 2:23 a.m. Trinity Hospital ER staff advise a patient came in the ER who appears to have been shot with bird shot. She told ER staff she was at Hocker Meadow with music turned up in a vehicle. No shot heard, only felt.

Trinity Transit reports while traveling their route at School House Road in Lewiston, they came across a vehicle parked in the middle of the road with a male lying in the roadway acting irrationally. Trinity Transit calls back and advises the male wandered off into the bushes. Officers contacted and turned him over to the CHP for DUI.

A structure fire is reported at Orchard Lane in Big Bar.

A narcotics officer reports marijuana cultivation at Horse Ridge Lookout Road, Ruth.

An officer reports cultivation on Ohio Lane in Lewiston.

A deputy reports a victim contacted the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office saying he went to retrieve his property from Salyer but when he arrived he was approached by a suspect who asked him what he was doing. Victim told the suspect he was making it rain, and suspect asked him to leave and struck the victim’s passenger side mirror causing damage.

Sept. 17

An officer reports he saw a suspect drive through a stop sign at the four-way intersection in Weaverville and the suspect failed to yield. Officer pursued the suspect into Shasta County until CHP was able to stop and arrest him.

Theft of fuel from an excavator owned by North State Recycling at the Hayfork dump is reported.

A caller reports an unknown suspect has been coming on her property on Main Street in Weaverville at night and sleeping outside, and leaving their property at the scene. Officer contacted and admonished subject, and he left.

Theft of fuel and damaged fuel lines are reported on a county vehicle on Tom Bell Road.

A caller reports while driving in the area of Lower Mill Street by the bridge an unknown male came out of nowhere running toward her in an aggressive manner. Officer was unable to locate subject.

A deputy reports code violation citations on Lower West Side Road in Ruth.

An officer reports reckless driving of a pickup northbound on Highway 299 at Douglas City and a traffic stop.

In Lewiston, a caller reports her ex-husband broke two of her windows and refuses to fix them.

A warrant arrest is made on Trinity Dam Boulevard in Lewiston.

Sept. 18

A burglary is reported in Lewiston.

A caller from Benoist Lane in Weaverville reports a subject walking in front of her house yelling very loudly. Officer contacts subjects who stay with the woman sometimes and this happens often with her. Louder than normal tonight. Officer was unable to locate her.

Sept. 19

An unstable female is reported on Industrial Park Way in Weaverville. Officer responds and she was removed from the premises and given an admonishment.

On Oregon Street in Weaverville, a caller reports a subject driving back and forth by him threatening to kill him. CHP dealt with call. Criminal threats criteria not met.

A caller reports a female in the Holiday Market parking lot requesting work in the form of trimming or other “favors.” Officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

On Taylor Street in Weaverville, a caller reports his big screen TV was spray painted.

A man is reported to be living in a shed on a property on Hawthorne Street in Weaverville with no facilities to use. Officer advises it’s an ongoing issue and has been filed with DA’s office.

Warrant arrests are made on Hawthorne Street and Glen Road in Weaverville.

Sept. 20

A caller reports a male sleeping under the bridge where Lorenz meets Highway 299. Officer was unable to locate him.

An agency assist is requested to check on an elderly woman who may be abused. Standby complete.

A death investigation is reported on Lamb Creek Road, Mad River.

Suspicious circumstances are reported on County Line Creek Road, Mad River, followed by a report of a death investigation.

A caller reports hearing that the house fire on Short Street was intentional. She wouldn’t say who the people were who said that and had no further evidence. She was also upset that Red Cross put another subject up in a motel but not her. Red Cross is to be recontacted. Officer confirmed she was not living in a shed as reported to dispatch. Officer did smell strong odor of raw sewage in area of a fifth wheel but didn’t see anything. Caller was advised septic would need to be dealt with immediately and a message was left for building inspector.

Child abuse is reported in Hayfork.

Child endangerment is reported in Weaverville.

A warrant arrest is made on Main Street in Weaverville.

Vandalism to a vehicle window is reported on Hawthorne Street.

Sept. 21

A caller from Hayfork reports her husband and his grandson attacked her and threatened her in her home last evening. She said she had no injuries and declined medical aid.

A caller says he and his friend parked their vehicle on Barker Creek Road in Hayfork to go hunting and they are now lost in the woods. Both were located and officer leads them back to his patrol vehicle to give them a ride.

A caller reports a subject squatting on her property in Hayfork refusing to leave. Officer spoke to squatter who advises he’s packing to leave.

A deputy reports an arrest for public intoxication Mad River.

Sept. 22

A caller reports his son is drunk and fighting with other people at the bar.

A missing adult is reported in Hayfork. Officer finds she left residence of her own accord due to violence in the relationship, is not missing and doesn’t wish to speak to law enforcement.

A caller says a group of hunters walked through their property claiming to be following a deer.

A caller reports he left his Browning A-Bolt up against his tire at Haylock Ridge and drove off without it. When he returned it was gone.

There were 23 calls for medical aid for the week.

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