The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office received the following calls from Oct. 28 to Nov. 3:

Oct. 28

A burglary is reported on Indian Creek Road in Douglas City.

A caller reports harassing calls by a subject trying to get caller to dismiss a restraining order.

A 911 hang-up is received from Trinity County Behavioral Health. On recontact Behavioral Health says a male was causing a problem, but he left.

At the Human Response Network, it is reported that a homeless man came in for assistance but when he didn’t receive it became agitated and threatened to vandalize all the HRN and employee vehicles.  

A caller from Hawthorne Street in Weaverville says he found a needle in his driveway and there are numerous drug users at a residence on the road.

In Hyampom, a caller says several months ago the grandparents of his ex-wife’s adult son dropped him off at caller’s residence. Subject has mental health problems, has been breaking things and is currently running around his house naked. Criteria not met for mental health detention. Officer recommended caller contact Trinity County Behavioral Health for services.

A caller reports a male at the Weaverville Post Office who looks like he is preparing to stay the night there. Officer advises him to move along.

Oct. 29

A caller reports an ongoing problem with her nephew threatening to kill his parents and caller’s son. Caller reports her nephew has a marijuana grow, many firearms and booby trap devices. Officer spoke with caller who advised her adult son and subject’s parents live out of the area, and neither have contacted law enforcement. Caller declined having a deputy contact subject.

A caller reports an unknown suspect shot up the kiosk and porta potty at a site on Highway 299 in Weaverville. Report pending.

A Junction City woman reports a stray black lab has been living in the abandoned red-tagged house next door and recently came into her yard and attacked her dog, injuring it.

On Madrone Avenue in Hayfork, a caller reports equipment he purchased was stolen.

Medical aid is dispatched to Highway 299 at Douglas City for victims of a vehicle accident.

Oct. 30

A warrant arrest is made on Main Street in Weaverville.

A code enforcement officer requests a case number for a code violation on Trinity Lake Drive, Trinity Center.

At West Hettenshaw, a caller reports he owns a permitted marijuana farm and has an employee who should be there, but he’s tried to call and the phone was disconnected today. Some friends drove by and notified caller that the gates are open. He is concerned because they had to let another employee go recently. Officer contacted caller who requested a drive by. There was no one on duty in Southern Trinity at the time and caller was going to go check anyway. He’s advised to call back if he needs additional assist.

Oct. 31

At 11:20 a.m. a caller reports she saw persons fighting in the ally at Bartlett Street. Officer was unable to locate them.

Petty theft is reported at West Hettenshaw Road, Zenia. Caller believes a subject took the marijuana farm records that included credit card numbers, laptop and permit paperwork.

On Washington and Mill streets, a caller reports a man swinging a machete around yelling. Officer checked but was unable to locate him.

A warrant arrest is made on Main Street in Weaverville.

A caller reports shots fired on Highway 299 in Burnt Ranch. Officer contacted the land owner who said he’s out of the area, but he contacted the persons at the residence who said the shots were further downriver.

Nov. 1

A Douglas City caller reports two pigs and two dogs in a neighbor’s field that are not being fed. Officer advises this is not as reported, pigs were eating upon arrival. Owner was out of town for a few days.

Hawkins Bar and Salyer Fire is requested to assist with a structure fire in Willow Creek.

A caller reports a couple of adults smoking marijuana at the pump track at Lowden Park, riding skateboards. Officer was unable to locate them.

A caller reports a homeless person who has been sleeping across the street in Junction City who has not moved all day. Officer spoke with subject who is OK.

A warrant arrest is made in Junction City on Highway 299.

An unstable person is reported yelling and screaming at caller to get out of the house, and she is now locked out. Both parties admonished.

Nov. 2

At 2:31 a.m. a caller reports a female in a trailer on Main Street in Weaverville screaming for help, and ”he’s trying to hurt me.” Officer makes an arrest for domestic violence.

Officer requests a fire page out for a warming fire Browns Ranch Road. Fire out.

At 6:59 a.m. a caller reports a robbery at Top of the Grade in Douglas City. Multiple officers respond and subjects are arrested not for robbery but for burglary.

A woman in all black is reported to be running down Hawthorne Street screaming. She went into a residence. Officer advises it’s an ongoing issue.

A Lewiston caller reports he was requested by a female on the street to call in a domestic violence incident. There was a female and male screaming loudly and maybe children at scene. Deputy advises this was not as reported, female said a vehicle was rolling backwards down a hill with no occupant and male was trying to jump in and stop it. That was the cause of all the yelling.

Illegal dumping is reported at the entrance to Hobart Creek Campground, Ruth.

Child abuse is reported.

A Weaverville caller reports a flat tire, does not know if air was let out or if it was slashed.

Nov. 3

A verbal altercation between several persons on Hawthorne Street is reported. Officer contacted homeowner and admonished her.

A caller reports receiving a text from her sister that a subject made suicidal statements he was going to shoot himself and if the cops come would commit suicide by cop. Officer contacted the sister who was able to safely leave the residence and believed that subject was not a threat to anyone else at the time. Officer elected not to attempt contact because of the statements.

A caller reports a subject who seems delusional on Main Street in Weaverville.

A warrant arrest is made on Highway 3 in Hayfork.

A Junction City woman reports her boyfriend locked her out of her car and hid the key, then subject took money out of her purse, ripped it and threw everything else onto the ground. Officer reports no domestic violence, parties separated for the night.

A vegetation fire is reported on Sky Ranch Road in Junction City. Officer advises fire was knocked down by locals.

There were 24 calls for medical aid for the week.

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