The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office received the following calls from June 24 to 30:

June 24

Cultivation is reported on Duncan Creek Lane in Hayfork.

In Hayfork, a caller reports two months ago she was assaulted by a subject, hit, kicked and beat to the ground. Caller would not provide her last name and does not want charges, just documentation in case it happens to someone else.

The animal control officer following up on a call regarding skinny horses in Junction City reports three horses with one in extremely poor condition, one somewhat underweight and a third in good condition. ACO left notice on property requesting contact and spoke to owner’s significant other.

On Main Street in Weaverville, a caller reports a female wrecked her electric scooter into a tree and believes the subject is high.

A warrant arrest is made on Morgan Hill Road in Hayfork.

In Coffee Creek a caller reports her tenant she is trying to evict cussed at her. Her husband looked in the door and saw three handmade swords, which he took. Officer explained that was burglary and explained the legal eviction and restraining process. She advised she only wanted the incident documented. The items will be returned.

June 25

An assault is reported in Hayfork.

A caller reports a male sleeping in the Lee Fong Park parking lot with a Dollar General shopping cart. Told there was no camping the subject “didn’t get it.”

In Lewiston, a caller reports theft of gas.

On Highway 3 in Trinity Center, a caller reports during the night he heard a loud thud but didn’t think anything of it. This morning he discovered it was someone attempting to get into the store. He would like documentation and advice.

Animal control advises a subject in Douglas City to find alternative housing for cats by this afternoon, or all animals would be taken to the shelter.

On Moon Alley in Weaverville, a caller reports an SUV parked behind her house and caller believes the female in it is dealing drugs due to multiple persons leaving the residence and approaching the vehicle, then leaving. Caller wishes extra patrol.  

In Weaverville, a caller reports a subject acting in an unsafe manner and endangering children, but did not specify what subject was doing. Officer advises subject is gone on arrival and caller did not wish charges. Caller recontacts to say the subject broke through her door and is now running around her backyard refusing to leave. Subject arrested.

A Hayfork caller reports a subject evicted by the Marshal’s Office keeps coming back. Officer says all were admonished not to be on the property without permission.

June 26

A warrant arrest is made on Madrone Avenue in Hayfork.

Marijuana cultivation is reported on Duncan Creek Lane in Hayfork.

A warrant arrest is made on Timber Ridge Road in Weaverville.

A warrant arrest is made in Weaverville.

A caller reports a man carrying a guitar headed south on Highway 3 at Hayfork, yelling and cussing at the caller and other workers. Subject was admonished and left the area.

On Highway 3 in Hayfork, a caller reports a transient attempted to enter his business by pushing on the door and appears to be on something. Officer checked area and was unable to locate subject.

In Lewiston on Cascade Drive a woman reports while she was watering her trees in her backyard she accidentally may have sprayed the neighbor’s kids, and the dad became enraged and was threatening her and claiming he was going to kill her. She told her husband at his shop and now is afraid he will start a fight with the neighbor when he gets home.

On Trinity Dam Boulevard in Lewiston, a caller reports his neighbor just showed up and punched him. Dispatch can hear a verbal altercation still going on. Caller did not need medical. Suspect arrested/cited for battery.

In Hayfork a caller requests a check on his neighbor who is living in her own trash and does not appear to be able to properly care for herself. Officer reports no mental health hold and Adult Protective Services is already working with her.

A warrant arrest is made on Cascade Drive in Lewiston.

A caller reports squatters living in a vacant residence in Hayfork running a generator. Subject was told to move along or shut off generator.

June 27

In Douglas City on Steiner Flat, a caller reports seeing a male and female physically fight each other and the male choking the female. Female was gone on arrival. Male said it was only verbal but had bumps on his head. Officer located and spoke with her. She’d been drinking, said she had no injuries and did not wish charges against her boyfriend. He likewise desired no criminal charges.

Deputies report assisting the state Department of Fish and Wildlife with search warrants in the Hayfork area on properties at Wingert Road, Barker Valley Road, South Meadow Lane, Summit Creek Road, North Meadow Lane and Rock Flat Lane. Numbers of plants ranged from 70 to 772.

Grand theft is reported on Main Street in Weaverville.

June 28

At 1 a.m. persons are reported outside the Victorian Inn drunk and causing a commotion. All are counseled and separated.

Loud music is reported coming from the Nazarene Church area at 1:53 a.m. Officer contacted persons in parking lot who advised they were star gazing.

An alarm is reported at O’Reilly Auto Parts. Officer found the building OK and a shoe print on the door where someone kicked it and activated the alarm.

A caller reports for the past week he’s been having to kick a male and female out of the park for sleeping there. Caltrans is concerned for their safety while working there. Officer contacted an older male and female transient couple who said they spent last night only in the park as they had nowhere else to sleep. They said they were just passing through. Officer provided some options such as HRN and local churches and both said the report of public urination was false and they had been using the park bathroom.

Officer reports a failure to register as a sex offender.

A caller reports her husband is remodeling his sister’s house and when he got there this morning it had been broken into.

A warrant arrest is made at Ruth Lake Marina.

At Bushytail Campground a caller reports several persons with paintball guns shooting at trees, loud and drunk, causing a disturbance and making other campers leave. Officer advised subjects admonished and said they would keep it down.

June 29

A caller reports smoke in the area of Pipeline Road Hayfork. USFS to check.

An assault is reported on Denny Road at Burnt Ranch.

In Hayfork a caller reports his neighbor across the street is torturing their dog which has been starved, rope around neck and old injuries to head.

A sexual assault is reported in Weaverville.

An assault is reported on Denny Road in Burnt Ranch and caller says he has a broken nose and black eye. He does not want charges.

June 30

In Hayfork a caller reports a man attempted to get into his vending machine and when confronted said he will burn the caller’s store down. Officer advises subject was admonished for trespass but did not meet criminal threats criteria.

A warrant cite is reported in Hayfork.

At Tunnel Flat in Salyer, a caller reports $3,000 to $4,000 worth of items taken out of his car.

On Main Street in Hayfork, a caller reports a verbal altercation between squatters. Caller and his girlfriend have been making complaints to code enforcement since January with no response. Excessive trash, no water power or septic, and major fire hazard with generator running and trash and weeds all around are reported. Officer provided some directions to take to get a response.

There were 17 calls for medical aid for the week.

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