Trinity County students overall improved their performance on state-mandated testing last school year.

The results of the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress in English language arts/literacy and mathematics for the last school year, 2018-19, were recently released. The testing was administered to students in the 3rd through 8th grades and 11th grade.

Countywide, 53 percent of students met or exceeded standards in English language arts and 46 percent did so in math. This compares with 45 percent achieving the goal in English language arts and 40 percent achieving it in math in 2017-18.

Statewide, the results from last year’s testing showed 51 percent met or exceeded standards in English language arts, and 40 percent did so in math. The state results saw a 1 percent increase over the previous year.

In releasing the results, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond reinforced that test results are only one measurement out of many that the state uses to evaluate schools.

This is the fifth year of the computer-based tests. Smarter Balanced English Language arts and mathematics tests consist of two parts: a computer adaptive assessment and a performance task. The computer adaptive assessment bases follow-up questions on a student’s answers in real time. If a student answers a question correctly, they get a more difficult question. If they answer incorrectly, they get an easier question.

Breaking the numbers down further, the Trinity Alps Unified School District had 52 percent meeting or surpassing the English standards, and 42 percent meeting them in math.

At the last school district board meeting, Weaverville Elementary School Principal Katie Poburko said she’s pleased to see the growth in the third through eighth grades but of course there is room for improvement.

Trinity Alps Supt. Jaime Green said the district has good curriculum and now needs the technology.

“If you can type well you test well, and we are working on that,” he said, with aids such as Chromebooks and with “data chats” that include students in the conversations on where they are and where they need to be.

In the Mountain Valley Unified School District, 43 percent met or exceeded the English standard and 41 percent did so in math. These numbers are significantly better than the previous year which was in the high 30s for both.

“We’re up a little bit,” said District Supt. Debbie Miller. “We have more room to grow.”

She added that after the district’s mold and abatement battle, “I think it will help our students this year to be back in their school and regular classrooms.”

Statewide, students generally do better on the English than the math testing, and Hayfork is no exception.

“There’s a lot more English in the math test than there used to be,” Miller said. “It’s hard for students with English as a second language.”

She noted that 20 percent of the district’s students are English learners.

In other testing results throughout the county:

Southern Trinity Joint Unified School District – 47 percent met or exceeded the standards in English, 34 percent did so in math.

Burnt Ranch Elementary School District – 58 percent met or exceeded standards in English, 42 percent in math.

Douglas City Elementary School District – 68 percent met or exceeded standards in English, 74 percent in math.

Junction City Elementary School District – 77 percent met or exceeded standards in English, 64 percent in math.

Lewiston Elementary School District – 35 percent met or exceeded the standards in English, 31 percent in math.

Trinity Center Elementary School District – 45 percent met or exceeded the standards in English, 36 percent in math.

Coffee Creek Elementary School District – no reportable results due to small class size.

Trinity Journal reporter Sally Morris contributed to this article.

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