Trinity County supervisors have approved an agreement with the California Department of General Services to provide up to $169,000 in state matching funds toward the future purchase of a new voting system for the county.

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla in February announced he is withdrawing certification on all voting systems that have not met the California Voting System Standards, effective Aug. 27. The reason for withdrawal is that the systems, including Trinity’s, have reached the end of their life expectancy in that replacement parts and technical support are no longer available.

State funds were appropriated through AB 1824 to reimburse counties for voting system replacement activities, matching one dollar in grant funding for every dollar the counties spend.

A new voting system in Trinity County would consist of a tabulation program, ballot readers and all accessories needed to equip the new system.

The agreement approved by the county Board of Supervisors at its June 4 meeting is for the potential state grant of $169,000 to be matched by $169,000 from the county Clerk/Recorder/Assessor’s budget. Without the agreement, the county would bear the entire burden of expense for a new voting system.

From the board’s audience that day, Kay Graves of Lewiston questioned whether the state funding will actually be enough to cover all the related expenses that may come up.

Clerk/Recorder/Assessor and county elections official Shanna White said the new system has not been selected yet, but when it is, it will meet the state certification standards and must come back to the Board of Supervisors for formal approval at which time the public will have an opportunity to weigh in.

The current action only involved an agreement with the state to accept the available reimbursement and it passed by unanimous vote.

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