Petitions and signatures are now being accepted for the position of Trinity County District 1 and District 4 supervisors, Superior Court judge, sheriff and more for the upcoming June 7 Statewide Direct Primary Election.

The filing period to collect signatures “in lieu of filing fees” opened Jan. 3 for the county positions of Sheriff/Coroner, Superintendent of Schools, Treasurer/Tax Collector, Clerk/Recorder/Assessor and District Attorney/Public Administrator, and on Jan. 6 for District 1 and District 4 supervisor positions.

Collecting enough signatures “in lieu of filing fees” from county residents allows candidates the chance to run for office without paying the otherwise necessary filing fees. The deadline to collect all needed signatures is Feb. 9, after which prospective candidates will have to pay the filing fees or will be unable to run for office this election.

After the filing period ends, candidates will have from Feb. 14 to March 11 to turn in nomination papers and declarations of candidacy. Each of the county positions serves a four-year term.

The position of Superior Court judge is also up for election under a different timeline and serves a six-year term. People wishing to be a candidate for Superior Court judge must file a Declaration of Intention by Jan. 31 with a deadline of Feb. 9.

Along with filing fees, declarations or intentions of candidacy, some positions come with other requirements as well.

Candidates for Trinity County supervisor must reside within the district they want to represent for the duration of the term and for 30 days prior to announcing their candidacy. Superior Court judge candidates must be a member of the State Bar or must have served as a judge in a California court for 10 years preceding the election, and candidates for sheriff must have a certificate from the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training, or have served as a law enforcement officer previously for five years, or fewer years with commensurate college credits or degrees in a law enforcement focus.

Currently serving as patrol corporal with the Trinity County Sheriff’s Department, Jayme Bayley has announced she will be running for the position of Sheriff/Coroner, and Ric Leutwyler has announced he will be running for District 1 supervisor. Incumbents for both positions, Sheriff Tim Saxon and District 1 Sup. Keith Groves, have also confirmed they will be running for re-election.

For more information on filing fees, filing in lieu of fees or for further specific requirements for candidacy visit

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