Democrats to meet Thursday

The Trinity County Democratic Central Committee will be meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 17, at the Lowden Park covered picnic area. Social distancing and masks required. If there is a North Coast Unified Air Quality Management smoke health alert the group will meet online.

Items on the agenda include 2020 elections/propositions and handing out of Biden-Harris signs. For possible online meeting information and other questions, contact George Bates at 778-0239 or

North Fork Grange to hold candidates’ night Oct. 1

The North Fork Grange will host a candidates’ night at 6 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 1, at the Grange Hall, 131 Dutch Creek Road in Junction City. The public is invited.

Speakers should contact Grange Master Duncan McIntosh at 707-599-0002.

Masks and social distancing will be adhered to. Bring a mask.

Department explains voting by mail in Trinity County

Every active registered voter will receive and vote by a Vote-By-Mail (Absentee) ballot. After the ballot is received by the Elections Department, it is checked in for tracking purposes.

Every signature and address is compared to the information on the voter’s registration card. If something doesn’t match, the Elections Department will contact the voter to let them know.

After all ballots are accepted for counting, they are carefully removed from their envelopes, ensuring that the voters’ privacy is protected. Once all ballots are removed from their envelopes, they are counted by central scanning equipment and then sealed in containers that are only opened for the post-election audit. Election officials say a voter’s privacy and their vote are protected throughout the process.

► Postage is pre-paid on all mailed ballots.

► All signatures are compared to the signature on your voter registration card.

► If the signature doesn’t match, you will be contacted and be given an opportunity to correct the issue.

► You do not have to vote on all contests. Those you do vote on will still count.

► All mailed ballots are counted, regardless if the contest is close.

► If you make a mistake, you can ask for a replacement ballot.

Contact your Elections Department for accurate information about voting in your jurisdiction.

For information about voting in Trinity County, email, call 623-1220 or visit the website at

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