The California State Auditor said more than 1,000 applications have been submitted for a seat on the 2020 Citizens Redistricting Commission. Of those, 803 are tentatively eligible to serve. Californians are still encouraged to apply by the application deadline, Aug. 9, to ensure a large and diverse applicant pool. Currently, only two people from Trinity County have applied.

Every 10 years, after the federal government publishes updated information based on the U.S. Census, California must redraw the boundaries of California’s Congressional, state Senate, state Assembly, and state Board of Equalization districts. The 14-member commission is responsible for drawing the lines of each district.

“We are thrilled about the number of applications submitted since the application period opened on June 10,” said Elaine M. Howle, California state auditor. “But the work is not done yet. We want to make sure that all Californians are represented in the initial application pool. That means we need even more of the state’s talented and diverse citizens to take up this once in a decade opportunity and apply by Aug. 9.”

The California State Auditor is tracking applicant demographic data on a daily basis by gender, ethnicity, political party, region and county. Updated Citizens Redistricting Commission application data is available to the public at

The initial application is open to every registered voter who has been affiliated with the same political party or with no political party since July 1, 2015, and has voted in at least two of the last three statewide general elections. Information requested through the initial application is used to determine whether initial eligibility requirements are met.

Applicants must submit an application online at during the initial 60-day application period, which began June 10 and runs through Aug. 9.  

For more information, eligibility requirements, and to apply to the commission, visit or call 833-421–7550.

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