The last Nov. 3 election results issued in a Nov. 23 update by the Trinity County Elections Office showed a tiny lead in the Trinity County District 5 Board of Supervisor’s runoff race with Michael “Dan” Frasier of Hettenshaw just ahead of Jeff Dickey of Hayfork, but only by 12 votes. The latest total is 488 (50.6%) for Frasier and 476 (49.3%) for Dickey.

In other Trinity County races, the top three out of six candidates for three seats on the Trinity Public Utilities District Board of Directors remained Alex Cousins with 2,485 (21.7%) of the votes; Kelli Gant with 2,435 (21.3%); and Andrew Johnson with 2,319 (20.3%).

Measure G, the countywide commercial cannabis tax measure, was still passing by a healthy margin with 4,293 (70.4%) of yes votes and 1,801 (29.5%) of no votes.

Measure K, the countywide half-cent sales tax increase for public safety was still well short of the supermajority needed for its passage with 3,027 (49.4%) yes votes and 3,093 (50.5%) no votes.

Measures H and I to form and tax a special district to help fund ambulance services were still passing with 4,044 (75.9%) yes votes on Measure H and 1,281 (24.1%) no votes; 3,852 (72.3%) yes votes on Measure I and 1,472 (27.6%) no votes.

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