Hayfork raid

Garbage found at one of the sites.

Law enforcement officers raided two Hayfork properties last week, reporting illegal cannabis cultivation and environmental crimes at both properties, and explosives at one of the sites.

The Oct. 3 warrant searches on North Barker Creek Road were conducted by officers from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife with assistance from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Department, U.S. Forest Service and the State Water Resources Control Board.

A records check confirmed that neither of the parcels were permitted by the county nor were they licensed by the state for commercial cannabis cultivation, CDFW said.

The agency reported that on the first parcel, 548 illegal cannabis plants were eradicated, 175 pounds of processed cannabis was seized, and two environmental crimes associated with illegal cultivation were documented. No suspects were arrested as the site was vacant. The case is pending further investigation. 

On the second parcel, nearly a hundred 10-foot tall cannabis plants were eradicated, 30 pounds of processed cannabis was seized, and 1,038 vials of concentrated cannabis oil were confiscated, along with approximately $90,000 in U.S. currency.

CDFW said numerous Fish and Game Code violations were documented on the second parcel but could not be tied to the illegal cannabis cultivation. 

While officers executed the search warrant at the second location, they discovered an assortment of explosive devices. The area was quarantined until the Shasta County Bomb Squad arrived and the area was made safe. 

One suspect was detained and charges are pending against the individual and possibly others as the investigation is ongoing, CDFW said.

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