Law enforcement officers arrested 14 people in Trinity County in two days last week on marijuana and other charges.

Officers from the Trinity County Sheriff's Office, North State Marijuana Investigation Team and Redding office of the federal Drug Enforcement Agency served six search warrants on private property in the county on Wednesday and Thursday last week.

Items seized included 406 growing marijuana plants, more than 150 pounds of processed marijuana, $180,000 of U.S. currency, peyote, two firearms, and a "honey oil" hash lab that uses butane to extract THC from the plant, Trinity County Detective Chris Compton said.

Over the course of the two-day investigation, officers arrested 14 people on various charges including suspicion of marijuana cultivation, possession of marijuana for sales, conspiracy to commit a crime, possession of a controlled substance, child endangerment, felon in possession of a firearm and felon in possession of ammunition.

Compton said the people arrested all had doctors' recommendations for medical marijuana under Proposition 215.

"They exceeded what they needed and the majority exceeded their doctor's recommendations," he said.

The child endangerment allegations pertain to one residence where "children were present during the cultivation of the marijuana and the possession of marijuana," and peyote at the residence was not secured, Compton said.

The Trinity County Sheriff's Department is not yet releasing the names of those arrested.

"I still have an investigation going on," Compton said.

Those arrested were either booked and immediately released from jail or released by a judge on their own recognizance, he said.

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