W. Elliott

William Elliott

The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office is continuing to search for a Lewiston man who was first reported as missing by family members on Sunday, Aug. 11.

They indicated that William Elliott, 73, had not been seen or heard from since Aug. 5.

Elliott moved to the Lewiston area several months ago although he no longer had a permanent residence there.

Sheriff’s logs from Aug. 11 indicate that family reported Elliott had been kicked out of a location and was going to live in his car with his cat.

The Sheriff’s Office said Elliott’s vehicle was located on Aug. 11 parked on the shoulder of Trinity Dam Boulevard near Highway 299. The vehicle was unoccupied and in good condition. Witness contacts indicated the vehicle had been parked in that location since Aug. 5.

A search of the vehicle was conducted, but provided little information pertaining to Elliott’s potential whereabouts. Several ground searches of the area near the vehicle were also conducted and have thus far led to no new information, the Sheriff’s Office said.

There is no current information to suggest that Elliott has been the victim of any crime, the Sheriff’s Office said. Trinity County Sheriff Tim Saxon said Tuesday that during the course of this investigation, his office has received non-public information about the missing man’s circumstances that cannot be shared, “but we are looking for him.”

Anyone who has had recent contact with and/or seen Elliott is asked to contact Sheriff’s Detective Sgt. Josh Ford at 623-8106 or by e-mail at jford@trinitycounty.org.

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