After going from zero positive test results for the COVID-19 illness in Trinity County to two in less than a week, the case number has since been revised back down to one.

Trinity County Public Health Nursing Director Marcie Jo Cudziol announced the change last week, saying jurisdiction over the second positive test case was transferred from Trinity to Humboldt County as the individual has resided in Humboldt County over the past month.

She added that Trinity County Public Health is working in collaboration with Humboldt County Public Health to identify any individuals residing in Trinity County that may have had exposure and to provide information to local health care and emergency medical services to ensure the protection of essential health care workers.

During an update to the Trinity County Board of Supervisors last Friday, Cudziol said the testing capacity has increased in Trinity County to include not only people showing symptoms of the COVID-19 illness, but also asymptomatic health care workers and first responders. She said that in the first nine weeks of the pandemic, Trinity County had only 98 tests completed, but in the next two weeks the number climbed to 179. As of Tuesday, the total tests in Trinity County numbered 202 with 192 negative results, nine pending and one positive case that was due to be released from isolation on Tuesday.

Asked if residents could be notified of the area in which a person testing positive resides in the county, Cudziol said “we will provide information at the time that protects the public and is allowed under the law. When we do contact tracing, we trace backwards to everywhere the infected person has been. What I can tell you is we will protect the public while protecting personal information under the law.”

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