After last year’s fire season, one notable problem was the lack of standardized language between responding agencies in regard to evacuation notices being given to the public, according to Letty Garza, director of the Trinity County Office of Emergency Services.

Because of this, Cal OES, the state Sheriff’s Association and statewide fire agencies are adopting new terminology for wildfire evacuation incidents. From now on, agencies will be utilizing the language below. They will no longer use “Advisory” or “Mandatory” for evacuation notices.

New terminology includes:

Evacuation Warning: Potential threat to life and/or property. Those who require additional time to evacuate, and those with pets and livestock should leave now.

Evacuation Order: Immediate threat to life. This is an order to leave now. The area is lawfully closed to public access.

Shelter in Place: Stay indoors. Shut and lock doors and windows. Prepare to self-sustain until further notice and/or until being contacted by emergency personnel with additional direction.

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