Frustrated over glitches with virtual public meetings of county agencies, members of the Trinity County Board of Supervisors are starting to grumble about the problem and seek a return to some sort of normal open public meetings that follow public health guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Sup. Keith Groves noted during last week’s board meeting that the previous week’s Trinity County Planning Commission meeting was a disaster from a technical standpoint.

“Zoom doesn’t seem to be working for them. They are having to supply their own computers. Small details are very important at the Planning Commission and there are a lot of things we miss. We either need to upgrade the technology drastically, or stop having Planning Commission meetings until they can be held in person,” he said. The meetings are held in the Trinity County Library meeting room in Weaverville where the board also meets.

County Administrative Officer Richard Kuhns said the county upgraded the system’s sound card the next day which resolved one issue, “and the other issue is money. It took $60,000 just to do what we’ve done in this room and we’re working on other improvements.”

Groves suggested renting the Performing Arts Center to accommodate social distancing at large public meetings “so we can resume in-person meetings.”

Kuhns said he will bring proposals back at the next board meeting including one to open board meetings to at least 25 percent capacity as indoor dining is allowed to do. He said the room’s capacity is 130 people, so 25 percent would allow about 30 people to attend. Currently, members of the public are required to wait in the lobby or outside until they can come in and speak to the board one at a time.

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