Daniel Komins

Missing hiker Daniel Komins has been found, deceased.

This from the Trinity County Sheriff's Office:


Search and Rescue/Missing Person

Case Number: 2019-001029

August 18, 2019

The Search and Rescue efforts pertaining to Daniel Komins continued throughout the day of Aug. 18, 2019.

The 12 Search and Rescue teams, referenced in previous press releases, began searching their respective areas around first light.

During the late morning, a California Highway Patrol helicopter observed what appeared to be a backpack. The backpack had been off trail, between L Lake and Mirror Lake.

Ground search teams, who were already near the area, went to the location of the backpack in an effort to recover it. The backpack was recovered and later determined to have belonged to Komins.

Search and Rescue members continued to search the area near the backpack, and later located Komins, who was deceased.

Komins’ remains were flown from the area via helicopter.

A preliminary investigation appears to indicate that Komins may have fallen in the steep and rocky terrain.

Although this was not the outcome that was wanted, the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office as well as family members of Komins, wanted to thank the Search and Rescue members as well as all other volunteers, for assisting in bringing Daniel Komins home.

Once additional information is obtained, further press releases shall be issued.

Persons of Interest:

Daniel Komins, Date of Birth: April 12, 1985

Agencies involved:

Trinity County Sheriff’s Office

Trinity County Search and Rescue

Trinity County Sheriff’s Auxiliary

Bay Area Mountain Rescue Unit

Butte County Search and Rescue

California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services

California Highway Patrol

California National Guard

Contra Costa County Search and Rescue

Marin County Search and Rescue

Civil Air Patrol

Shasta County Search and Rescue

United States Forest Service

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thank you Wayne for being more respectful to use the headline,

"Missing hiker found deceased". The other media was more crude.

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