Junction City Weir

Junction City Weir workers trapping fish. Salmon numbers are looking good so far thanks to favorable ocean conditions, but high river temps are a concern.

Spring chinook salmon season still isn’t over, so it’s impossible to tell how many are in the river until the end of the season, but there have been some big numbers trapped at the Junction City weir this season, according to Wade Sinnen, senior environmental scientist at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

“We’ve seen really good numbers, it’s the most spring chinook salmon we’ve trapped since 1988,” Sinnen said. “But there is a caveat to that. Those numbers are not population estimates, they’re trapping numbers.” At the Junction City Weir they trap a portion of the run, tag those fish and they then make a mark recapture population estimate at the end of their run, Sinnen explained.

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