Searchers are looking for a Blue Lake man overdue from a hiking trip in the Trinity Alps Wilderness.

Daniel Komins, 34, has still not been found, his girlfriend Carli Hollis told the Journal at 7 p.m. Thursday.

Komins entered the wilderness at the Canyon Creek Trailhead north of Junction City, where his vehicle has been located. On the five-day backpack he planned to hike to the Canyon Creek Lakes and off trail up and over a ridge to Sapphire Lake, returning to the Canyon Creek Trail via the Bear Creek Trail, she said.

“He’s done hundreds of miles backpacking,” Hollis said.

Komins took a strenuous side trip to Thompson Peak, posting a picture to Facebook of himself with other hikers he’d met. Hollis last heard from him via text from his Garmin satellite communicator Sunday night with the preset message that everything was going according to plans. At that time he was at Upper Canyon Creek Lake. Then the communications stopped, which is unlike Komins who usually communicates several times a day, she said.

As the days went on with no word, Hollis and Komins’ mother became more and more concerned.

He did not return on Wednesday as planned and the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office was notified.

Hollis said a helicopter searched the area much of the day for Komins, and a ground team was also searching. The Sheriff’s Office said Komins’ GPS tracker is not presently operating appropriately. His cell phone has not seen activity since Sunday.

She asked that anyone with information that might help or who had seen Komins during his trip contact the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office. The number is 530-623-2611.

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