California COVID-19 spread

Covid spread in California

A second case of COVID 19 has been confirmed in Trinity County three days after its first case was reported last Saturday, May 9.

Trinity County Public Health Nursing Director Marcie Jo Cudziol said in a press conference Tuesday that the county is working to protect all patient privacy under the law, and will not be releasing any information that could reveal a patient’s identity.

A contact tracing team is working backwards to trace all contacts the patients have had with other individuals over the past two weeks, and to notify those people.

“Larger counties are able to identify locations without revealing the identity of individuals, but we cannot do that here with the size of our population. Please know that you have an amazing public health team here, working very hard behind the scenes,” she said.

Tips on protecting one’s self and others were offered, and can be viewed in detail on the county’s website at Cudziol also advised that “all people should wear face coverings or a mask when unable to practice social distancing, and to clean and disinfect surfaces often.”

In response to questions that were received by email, Cudziol said the second confirmed case in Trinity County does not have any relation to the first case “that we are aware of.”

How the increase in Trinity County cases from zero to two in less than a week will impact plans being made to allow businesses to reopen on an accelerated schedule is not known yet.

“We are in communication with our Health Officer and will update the Board of Supervisors in the near future,” Cudziol said. County Administrative Officer Richard Kuhns said a special board meeting will be scheduled for either Thursday afternoon or Friday morning this week to present plans for Phase 2 reopening to move forward as discussed with the county Health Officer that must sign off on those plans. A time for the Board of Supervisors meeting is to be determined.

Asked to name the zip codes where positive COVID cases have been reported, Cudziol said “our population is 13,000 and we have very small communities. If you identify where a person is, that simply is enough information to deduce who it might be, and it is not really necessary anyway to protect the public.”

She also described numerous efforts the county is making with regional partners to ramp up testing capacity and to “elevate issues around the testing deserts in Trinity County. We are partnering with the medical clinics to ramp up testing in a strategic way and the governor is ramping up testing in rural areas. We are working with the hospital lab and with our senators to bring rapid testing to our lab for faster results on high risk individuals.”

Following virus cases

According to Johns Hopkins University, these are the numbers of cases in counties around Trinity as of Tuesday morning, compared to last week.

Trinity County now has 2 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with zero deaths.

Humboldt County now has 57 confirmed cases, up 3 from last week, with zero deaths.

Tehama County still has 1 confirmed case with 1 death.

Siskiyou County still has 5 confirmed cases with zero deaths.

Del Norte County still has 3 confirmed cases with zero deaths.

Mendocino County still has 12 confirmed cases, up 1 from last week, with zero deaths.

Glenn County still has 6 confirmed cases, up 1 from last week, with zero deaths.

Shasta County has 31 confirmed cases with 4 deaths, up 1 from last week.

Tehama County still has 1 confirmed case with 1 death.

Butte County has 18 confirmed cases, up 2 from last week, zero deaths.

Colusa County still has 3 confirmed cases with zero deaths.

Lake County has 8 confirmed cases, up 1 from last week, zero deaths.

Modoc and Lassen counties still have no confirmed cases.

Total: 147 confirmed cases with 6 deaths.

The full map of known and active cases can be found at

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