A proposed fuels reduction and recreation project on the Weaverville Community Forest drew official support from the Trinity County Board of Supervisors and the Trinity County Collaborative Group during the public comment period for the project.

The Shasta-Trinity National Forest is currently in the planning stages for the large-scale project to address both the wildfire risks and recreational needs in the area. The Weaverville Community Forest Fuels and Recreation Project includes fuels treatment on approximately 4,813 acres to maintain and improve the vegetation conditions, thin fuel loadings and lessen the severity of predicted fire behavior.

The project also plans for additional non-motorized trails in the Weaver Basin Trail System to increase opportunities for recreational events within the community forest.

Trinity River Management Unit District Ranger Joe Smailes provided an overview of the project at the March 20 meeting of the Trinity County Collaborative Group whose members discussed the proposed work and voted unanimously to support both parts of the plan.

The Trinity County Board of Supervisors followed suit at its April 7 meeting with a letter of support to the U.S. Forest Service.

The board’s letter said the project, with both its fire resiliency and recreation components, meets the original and ongoing goals of the Weaverville Community Forest, and its support is based on the following: the project promotes overall forest health by focusing on the maintenance of fuels treatment work already performed; it prioritizes community protection from catastrophic wildfire through maintenance work within the boundaries of previous projects; it combines forest health and recreation in one NEPA analysis as a wise use of limited staff; and it will maintain existing and develop new access to the community forest through the Weaver Basin Trail System.

In closing, it said, “the Board of Supervisors supports the Weaverville Community Forest Fuels and Recreation Project and looks forward to seeing more such proposals in and around the communities of Trinity County.”

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