Highway 3 gives out

Highway 3 near Slate Mountain

Update 1:15 p.m.

Caltrans has deployed a team of experts (Engineers, Geologists, Contractors, and Environmentalists) to the site of the Highway 3 collapse 19 miles south of Trinity Center to determine the best course of action to open the roadway as soon as possible. Officials are working with Trinity County Public Works to determine if there is a viable alternate route around the closure.  

To the north, Highway 3 at Scott Mountain is currently open.

In another area of the county, Highway 36 2.25 miles east of Forest Glen is closed due to a slide.


Highway 3 approximately 19 miles south of Trinity Center is closed in both directions because the road has completely fallen away. “It will be a very long-term closure,” said Denise Yergenson, information officer for Caltrans District 2.  “The road is gone.” More information will be provided shortly, she said.

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Mike McMillan

o my.


Can't you take the road from Fairview Marina by the dam to hwy 3 its a way around the closure


Rush creek drive connects from rush creek rd to hwy 3 and goes around the slide another thought


I believe Slate Road goes around but, you would have to get BLM to unlock their gates. That is if this slide is just above the Road that goes up to Rush Creek Lake Trailhead.

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