It was a dog, not the fog that caused a single-vehicle crash about 8:30 Tuesday morning on Oregon Mountain. According to CHP reports, driver Hwan Yung, 81, of Fair Oaks, Calif., was driving eastbound at about 45 mph near mile marker 48.72 when his small dog jumped into his lap and distracted him.

“When he looked back up, he observed that they were headed for an embankment,” the CHP release stated, adding that Yung was unable to avoid striking a paddle marker and then hit the steep embankment.

The vehicle’s front and side air bags were deployed.

Emergency personnel arrived in dense fog to find all three occupants out of the vehicle. One passenger, Kim Jae Yung, 82, was taken to Trinity Hospital for minor injuries, according to the CHP report. Passenger Suo Yang Hyo, 88, was not listed to have injuries and the dog was OK at the scene. Weaverville firefighters and Caltrans personnel had to set up warnings about 100 yards from the scene to slow drivers in the thick fog. At times, visibility was reduced to about 50 feet.  

“The CHP would like to remind drivers that, while taking our pets with us on trips and letting them experience life outside the home is fun and healthy, it is important to keep them safely restrained while in the vehicle. This helps keep them safe during a crash and also prevents them from becoming a factor in causing a crash,” the release cautioned.

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