The search for missing backpacker Daniel Komins continued throughout Saturday, Aug. 17. 

Search and Rescue teams from several other counties have joined in the effort, with approximately 60 members assigned to the search for Komins, who was reported missing in the Trinity Alps Wilderness three days ago. Approximately twenty of these members are assigned to operations, logistics and command related tasks, while 40 members are on foot in the Trinity Alps, the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office said.

The 40 Search and Rescue members in the Trinity Alps have been divided into 12 teams with various assignments and search areas. 

All 12 teams were inserted into high elevation areas via helicopter. These teams are scheduled to remain in their search areas overnight, in order to continue searching on Sunday, Aug. 18. Many of these teams are assigned to off-trail search areas, presenting dangerous and arduous conditions for the team members themselves, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Two California National Guard helicopters are presently assigned to the daytime search efforts. These helicopters continue to fly the area searching for Komins as well as insert search teams as required. A third helicopter is assigned to the nighttime search efforts, and is scheduled to conduct an infrared helicopter flight during the late evening of Aug. 17. 

Komin started what was to be a five-day backpack at the Canyon Creek Trailhead on Saturday, Aug. 10. His girlfriend, Carli Hollis, last heard from him the evening of Sunday, Aug. 11, via his satellite communicating device. At that time he was camped at Upper Canyon Creek Lake.

Hollis told the Journal that Komins had planned to hike off-trail from there over a ridge to Sapphire Lake, returning to the Canyon Creek Trailhead via the Bear Creek Trail. A backpacker who spoke with Komins Aug. 11 has posted additional detail that Komins planned to hike to L Lake as part of his route to Sapphire. 

The Sheriff's Office said several additional backpackers have been located who had contact with Komins on Aug. 11. Based on the information provided by these individuals, additional areas were plotted to be searched, as it appears that Komins may have deviated from his initial itinerary, the Sheriff's Office said.

The other hikers reported that during their contact with Komins on Aug. 11, he had been in good health and with a supply of food, water and backpacking materials. 

The Global Positioning System device which Komins had been carrying is not transmitting any signal, the Sheriff's Office said.

As of Saturday, agencies involved include the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office, Trinity County Search and Rescue, California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, Bay Area Mountain Rescue Unit, Butte County Search and Rescue, Marin County Search and Rescue, Contra Costa County Search and Rescue, Shasta County Search and Rescue, the California Highway Patrol and California National Guard. 

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