A proposed amendment to Trinity County Code pertaining to violations and infractions that would increase maximum fines was pulled from the Trinity County Board of Supervisors’ Feb. 4 meeting agenda. 

However, County Administrative Officer Richard Kuhns said he plans to bring a revised version of the item back for board consideration at a future meeting.

The withdrawn version said the intent is to more aggressively promote and ensure compliance with county codes and discourage illegal activity that poses unwanted competition for legal cannabis operations.

The proposal would increase the fine for excessive cultivation from $100 per day to a minimum of $1,000 per business day up to a maximum of $5,000 per business day, ending when illegal cultivation has been abated. For sites with 30 cannabis plants or less, the fines of $100 per day would not change.

The proposal would also increase the fine for discharge of sewage from $100 per day to $1,000 per day until the discharge is no longer present. All other building code violations would remain at $100 per day.

Several audience members came to the board’s meeting last week to address the item that Kuhns announced at the start of the meeting would not be heard.

During the open public comment period, they spoke on it anyway, opposing the proposal and calling it premature. Some suggested other “antiquated” county ordinances should be amended first, or even eliminated altogether, specifically citing the original personal grow ordinance regulating cultivation for personal medical use before state law evolved to current statutes.

Kuhns later said he was not comfortable with the item as presented and will revise, making it clearer how fines will be imposed, before bringing it back to the board.

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Tom Sanders

regardless of whether the fines in question are 100 or 1000 dollars a day, they will have no effect on unpermitted grows. The plants are in movable containers. The current rule applies the fine after 7 days, more than enough time to move the plants.

The only effective penalty would be to have the fine be effective immediately. Continued or repeated violations should be cause for injunction against permit(s) for at least 3 years. Why have rules if they are unenforceable?

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