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In other county news:

Redistricting: The final public redistricting hearing will take place Monday, Nov. 29, in the board chambers. Public input has been requested through the county’s redistricting website at redistricting.trinitycounty.org where residents can also submit their own draft maps for consideration. Issues at the forefront of discussion so far have been if the Post Mountain area should be split in the drawing up of new district lines or if it should become its own new district, and how that would affect the drawing of other districts.

At the last redistricting public hearing Nov. 16, Sup. Dan Frasier noted that some of the new proposed districts had districts drawn so large in size it would take an entire’s day driving — “in good weather,” he added — to get from one end to the other.

Sup. Keith Groves noted that if Post Mountain became its own district then a supervisor could be elected with less than 40 votes due the disparity in population size and registered voters in the area.

Kelly Sheen, district manager for the Trinity County Resource Conservation District, who worked for the county on drawing the current district lines, noted that perhaps too much emphasis was being spent on keeping districts as close to even in population as possible when the process allows for larger deviations in order to keep communities from being broken up.

Grants: A nearly $500,000 grant for a Crisis Care Mobile Unit was awarded to Behavioral Health Services.

Director of the department, Connie Cessna Smith, announced Trinity County being chosen for the grant award at the Nov. 16 county Board of Supervisors meeting and provided some further information about the program the department plans to implement through the grant.

According to Smith, “The new program will be called the Trinity Rapid Response Unit (TRRU). Trinity County Behavioral Health Services plans to purchase and equip a large van-type vehicle which will serve as a mobile crisis office and will be staffed with trained crisis personnel.”

Smith says the department plans to have the unit available to assist law enforcement with “crisis triage, initial evaluation and intervention services,” and that it will also be available “for after school events, sporting events, and other community events much in the same way that first responders are available in case they are needed.”

The grant is now being finalized before it will be presented for final approval by the board.

Planning: The Planning Commission was set to vote on an amendment to commercial cannabis cultivation regulations that would allow for multiple cultivation licenses for a combined cultivation area of one acre with an approved Conditional Use Permit. The item was postponed until the next Planning Commission meeting Dec. 9 with the commission hoping for input from the cannabis ad hoc committee in absence of a current Planning Director.

A third, one-year extension was granted for a planned 120 acre housing subdivision in the Mad River area roughly seven miles south of the intersection of Highway 36 and Van Duzen Road. Applicant for the project, Cameron Holmgren, said maps and plans were basically finished before an engineering oversight was questioned by the Department of Transportation. Holmgren says the issue has since been remedied, and the commission granted the one year extension.

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