Court paperwork

Court paperwork shows five total charges filed against Edin Heffington after his arrest in Weaverville last week.

Trinity County Sheriff’s Office, with the assistance of Fire Department and other area agencies, removed a suspected explosive device from a residence in Weaverville last week and arrested the home’s occupant. According to a TCSO release, Sheriff’s investigators were serving a search warrant in the 1400 block of Main Street on Wednesday, Jan. 19, when they discovered drugs, weapons and an undescribed explosive device.

During the service of the search warrant, investigators found “small amounts of methamphetamine, a sawed-off shotgun, a short-barreled assault rifle, a .22 caliber rifle, several high-capacity magazines, numerous rounds of rifle ammunition and a suspected homemade explosive device,” the release stated. “The Butte County Interagency Bomb Squad was requested and responded from Chico, Calif. They determined the device was indeed an explosive, took necessary measures to render it safe and secured it for evidence.” Weaverville Fire Department and California Highway Patrol assisted with the operation.

According to TCSO, the renter of the property, Edwin Bruce Heffington, 34, was arrested and taken to county jail. Heffington was released from jail on his own recognizance in Trinity County Superior Court Jan. 21, given a court-appointed attorney and ordered to return for a plea hearing today, Jan. 26. Currently, charges include three counts of manufacturing a short-barreled shotgun, making a destructive device without a permit and illegal possession of explosives.

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