A bald eagle

A bald eagle poses majestically at the Trinity River Hatchery in Lewiston.

Wildlife biologists recently completed the midwinter bald eagle surveys at Lewiston and Trinity lakes. They counted 90 eagles on Trinity and 17 at Lewiston. Both counts are on the high side, above average.

January through July is the bald eagle nesting season. Early in the nesting season, you may see the eagles repairing their nest and participating in courtship behavior.

Once the eggs are laid, they will be incubated for approximately 35 days before the chicks hatch. While both adults share in the incubation duties, the female generally does most of the incubation. Once hatched, the chicks remain in the nest for approximately 12 weeks before they begin to fly on their own.

Eagle observers are reminded that state and federal laws protect bald eagles and their nest sites. Disturbance around the nest could cause the birds to abandon the nest or discourage them from using the nest in the future. Please enjoy them from a distance and respect closure areas.

Anyone observing eagles building a new nest should contact the Shasta-Trinity National Recreation Area/Shasta Lake Ranger District office.

Learn more about protecting #BaldEagles on the #ShastaTrinityNF: https://fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fsm9_008181.pdf.

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