Ground has been broken for what Trinity County Food Bank officials say will be a major and important expansion of the Weaverville facility. Director Jeff England said the new 40- by 60-foot insulated metal building will be used for food storage and truck parking, as well as employee protection.

“It’ll provide shade for our volunteers and staff,” he said. “Last year, we got caught working outside in the snow and in the summer, the heat is just brutal.”

England said when the Food Bank started in 1996, it wasn’t much more than a 500-square-foot hallway, but with the upcoming 2,400-square-foot and 800-square-foot expansions, staff will have more than 4,000 square feet of work, storage and parking space. He said that once the concrete slab is poured and cured, the rest of the building should take about a month to complete.

England said the Food Bank was able to raise $96,000 in less than 30 days, through several foundations and donors. The Food Bank typically distributes about 120,000 pounds of food per year to people who need it.

“This year, it was over a million [pounds],” he said, noting that COVID-19 complications have hit the community hard.

The Food Bank is also accepting applications for new board members. To apply, call 739-0983 or email England at

The following donors made the expansion possible.

Foundations: Humboldt Area Foundation COVID-19 Regional Response Fund, Humboldt Area Foundation-Elk Head Inspirational Fund, Humboldt Area Donor Advised Fund, The Smullin Foundation, Redding Rancheria Fund and Shasta Regional Foundation.

Trinity Organizations: Trinity Trust, Daniel Holthaus Memorial Fund and Trinity Food Outreach, Inc.

Trinity Businesses: Plotzke Ace Hardware, Trinity River Lumber Mill, and Trinity Sweet Delights.

Trinity County Individuals: Karen Hammer, Andrew Kueldoing, Gary Paddock, Anonymous, George and Jeanne Hodges, Nancy Dean, Linda Morecraft, Steven Passek, Dian Grueneich, Jay Kuenecke, Sam Chavez, Connor and Mary Nixon, Aya-Al-Attiyeh, Cheri Bujol, Debbie Laffranchini, Jeanette Wilson, Dale and Kathy Davey, Philip Hennis, David Mallison, Robert Finley, Carol Fall, Patrick Frost, Sean and Kathleen Nixon, Duane Heryford and Ricardo Pubill.

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