Tuesday night, fire conditions intensified significantly, breaching contingency lines and triggering an immediate evacuation of Zone 3 which encompasses Coffee Creek and Eagle Creek Loop. Firefighters coordinated with the Trinity County Sheriff who issued and carried out the evacuation.

Shortly after the Zone 3 evacuation order was released, firefighters made the strong recommendation to also implement an evacuation order in Zone 5 based on what they were seeing on the ground. Firefighters coordinated with the Sheriff’s Department, but in the process of the ongoing evacuation in Zone 3, the Forest Service mistakenly believed they had gained approval and began releasing evacuation information. In order to protect

communities, they prematurely released information that Zone 5 was being evacuated. In California, the final responsibility and authority for all evacuations rests with the local sheriff.

Zone 5 remains under an evacuation warning; residents should be aware that an evacuation order could be issued at any time.

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