October testing schedule

According to Johns Hopkins University, these are the numbers of cases in counties around Trinity as of Sept. 14 compared to last week.

Trinity County now has 15 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Humboldt County now has 482 confirmed cases, up 35 from last week, with 6 deaths, up 1 from last week.

Tehama County has 498 confirmed cases, up 37 from last week, with 4 deaths, up 3 from last week.

Siskiyou County has 161 confirmed cases, up 6 from last week, with zero deaths.

Del Norte County has 136 confirmed cases up 7 from last week, with 1 death.

Mendocino County has 785 confirmed cases, up 31 from last week, with 17 deaths.

Glenn County has 849 confirmed cases, up 28 from last week, with 3 deaths.

Shasta County has 687 confirmed cases, up 75 from last week, with 14 deaths, up 2 from last week.

Butte County has 2,748 confirmed cases, up 519 from last week, with 35 deaths, up 7 from last week.

Colusa County has 509 confirmed cases, up 20 from last week with 6 deaths.

Lake County has 465 confirmed cases, up 72 from last week, with 10 deaths, up 3 from last week.

Lassen County now has 731 confirmed cases, up 4 from last week with zero deaths.

Modoc County has 24 confirmed cases, up 2 from last week and zero deaths

Total: 7,608 confirmed cases, up 836 from last week; 96 deaths, up 16 from last week.

The full map of known and active cases can be found at https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html

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