The juvenile charged with murder in the Jan. 8 stabbing death of Nathan Perdue of Weaverville was deemed fit to stand trial during a competency hearing in Trinity County Superior Court on Monday.

However, a hearing scheduled for Aug. 26 to determine whether the case will be transferred from juvenile court to adult criminal court was postponed to October at the request of defense attorney Larry Olsen.

He indicated certain psychiatric reports are still pending in his client’s case, and Trinity County District Attorney Donna Daly agreed to set a new date of Monday, Oct. 21, at 2 p.m. for the transfer fitness hearing.

The issue of competency was raised in January by Olsen who requested expert evaluation of his client, Michael Hastey, who was 16 at the time of Perdue’s death, but is now 17. A minor is considered incompetent if he or she lacks the ability to assist in his defense or to understand the proceedings.

Two separate evaluations were conducted with both doctors reaching the same conclusion that Hastey is competent.

Their reports were filed with the court in March and in August, and Olsen said Monday “we submit the issue of competency based on the reports themselves.”

Judge Eric Heryford noted both doctors meet the requirements for expertise in evaluating the competency of minors and reached the same conclusion in this case “that he is competent to assist his attorney and understands the proceedings.” He ordered that the proceedings be “reinstated as such” and the transfer fitness hearing set.

Hastey remains in custody at the Shasta County Juvenile Detention Center, and was present for Monday’s hearing that was open to the public due to the nature of the allegations.

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