Hayfork High Q3 Honor Roll

Principal’s Honor Roll – Grade Point Average 4.0 or higher

Seniors – 12th Grade: Angelica Rohrs, Rebecca Yang

Juniors – 11th Grade: Olivia Balbini, Vanessa Patton, Songshia Yang

Freshmen – 9th Grade: Hank Barnett

Honor Roll – Grade Point Average 3.0 or higher

Seniors – 12th Grade: Heather Lauri, Jade McCormack, Rique McReynolds, Nathaniel Williams

Juniors – 11th Grade: Brittany Gritts, Roderick Vang, Ruby Vess

Sophomores – 10th Grade: Samuel Barnett, Cedar Bonfoey, Jacalyn Carson, Jazlynn Buell, Alyssa DeMoe, Trinity Foster, Sunshine Montgomery, Asher Vang, Billy Vue, Haumsiab Xiong, Andy Yang

Freshmen – 9th Grade: Shiloah Colby, Starla Colorado, Iris Coty, Kimberly Gritts, Joshua Howard, Lilly Napier, Patschuablaiku Vang, MacKenzee West, Siena Yang

Mountain Valley Unified School District

Hayfork Elementary School Honor Roll

Second Trimester – 2019/2020

Superintendent’s List 3.75-4.00

Fifth grade: Anika Rourke

Sixth grade: Riley Bayley, Brandon Rohrs,

Evan Pickett

Eighth grade: Jacey Pickett, Taylor Guilfoile,

Destiny Stanley

Principal’s List 3.50-3.74

Fifth grade: William Horne, Tatem Wiley, Finn Wise-Rodriguez, Kadrina Yang

Sixth grade: Derek Balbini, Pajhnubhli Xiong

Eighth grade: Lila Bonfoey, Ely Medellin

Honor’s List 3.0-3.49

Fifth grade: Baylie McDonald, Ty Rourke, Autumn Russak, Binti Sevall, Ethan Miller, Illysha Snyder,

Aaron Greig

Sixth grade: Alexis Shuman, Ariana Silva, Pamee Vang, Levi Cavalli, Aoden Colorado, Albert Moua, Choufeng Yang, Soua Lee, Mariah Montgomery,

Mukeng Vang

Seventh grade: Braden Stanley, Hadrian Burton,

Arizona Shanahan, Daejaaq Vang, Mouathia Yang,

Phillip Buell, Quentin Horne

Eighth grade: Arabella Carini, Troy Hair

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