The Monument fire is estimated at 212,517 acres and 43% contained, Cal Fire and the U.S. Forest Service reported Monday morning, Sept. 13.  The Knob Fire is estimated at 2,421 acres and 100% contained.

Northern Rockies Incident Management Team 2 took command of the fires as of 6 a.m. this morning. Fire information phone numbers and emails will remain the same, and the InciWeb page will continue to provide fire information and be updated several times each day.


The Monument fire is approximately 212,517 acres and 43 percent contained. Several days of stabilized weather conditions has allowed crews to make good progress on the active portions of the fire west of Hayfork, in the New River drainage, and along the East Fork North Fork Trinity River. A warming and drying trend in the next several days could increase fire activity.

Today crews will continue to prep along the Jim Jam Road and along the Denny Road toward Daily in the New River drainage on the northwest side of the fire. They will mop up and secure the fire’s edge toward Bell Flat Creek and patrol by air if conditions permit along the New River drainage at Five Waters.

On the northeast side of the fire around East Fork Road and Hobo Gulch, crews will continue to build direct handline where possible, assessing opportunities to secure the fire edge from Backbone Ridge west and south to the head of the Trinity River.

Near Hayfork, the section of Hyampom Road between Lucky Jeep Trail and Cedar Gulch Road was reopened yesterday at 4 p.m., and the evacuation orders for the north side of the road in this area were downgraded to evacuation warnings. The south side of Hyampom Road in this section remains under evacuation order. See additional information below.

Firefighters continue to see active fire along the Hyampom Road east of Pattison Ridge. Large boulders and burning trees frequently slide, fall, or roll onto the roadway. Engines and crews are extinguishing hotspots and removing hazard trees along the roadway. To protect the public and firefighters, the road remains closed in the area east of Hyampom. Forest Road 10 has been graded and is open for residents to get in and out of Hyampom.

Resources: 1,465 personnel, 22 hand crews, 100 engines, 9 helicopters, 25 dozers, 11 water tenders, 14 masticators.


The Knob fire is approximately 2,421 acres and is 100 percent contained. There has been no change in acreage for several days. Today crews will

continue to mop up to maintain containment and control the fire. Minimal fire activity is expected, limited to the interior of the fire.

Resources: 161 personnel, 4 hand crews, 18 engines, 2 dozers, 1 water tender, 1 masticator.


* Denny Road is closed at the intersection of Ziegler Point Road.

* Hyampom Road is closed between St John Road and Lucky Jeep Trail.

* Tule Creek Road at Jesse Road is closed to everyone except those with proof of residency.

* Big Creek Road, Soldier Creek Road, Barker Valley Road, Barker Creek Road, and Carr Creek Road are closed.

* Big French Creek Road and Big Mountain Road are closed.

* A segment of Highway 299 between mile post 7.4 (near Burnt Ranch at Berg Road) and mile post 36.3 (just west of Helena) is open to through traffic and residents on the following schedule: Monday through Sunday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., an escort vehicle leads traffic through the closure every 1.5 hours. Overnight, from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., the road is open only to residents with proof of address.


The following information was taken directly from Trinity County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. Evacuation orders and warnings can be issued or change suddenly; if you have questions about evacuation boundaries, call Trinity County Sheriff’s Office at 623-2611.

* Order: All areas along Denny Road northeast from Zeigler Point Road through Denny proper to the Trinity Alps Wilderness boundary.

* Order: All areas along Hyampom Road from Grassy Flat Road west to St. John Road. This includes Bar 717 Camp. All areas south of the intersection of FS Road 10/ St. John Road south to Sydney Lane. From Sydney Lane northeast through FS Road 10/ St. John Road to Oak Ridge.

* Order: Intersection Tule Creek Road at Jesse Road, south along Tule Creek Road to intersection FS Road 31N31, west on Tule Creek Road/FS Road 10 to FS Road 7, west of FS Road 7 along Tule Creek Rd/FS Road 10 to Oak Ridge of Oakridge to FS Road 3N08. All areas along Tule Creek Road/FS Road 10 through Indian Valley. Roads and areas included are Land Acre Road, Mule Lovers Lane, Buck Gulch, Cow Gulch, and Tule Divide.

* Order: All areas on the south side of Hyampom Road east of Drinkwater Gulch to Cedar Gulch Road, from Cedar Gulch south to Tule Creek Road at Green Gate Road, including all residences on Turkey Track Road, Doctor Lane, Digger Gulch, Shangri La Lane, Green Gate Road, and McAlexander Road.

* Order: All areas along both sides of Hyampom Road between Lucky Jeep Trail and Drinkwater Gulch, including Fox Lane, Drinkwater Gulch, and Phares Lane.

* Order: All areas along Hyampom Road between Lucky Jeep Trail and Halfway Ridge.

* Order: Helena/East Fork Road, Hobo Gulch Road, Big Mountain Road, and Big French Creek Road.

* Warning:  All areas along the north side of Hyampom Road from Cedar Gulch to Lucky Jeep Trail, including all roads from Cedar Gulch, New Country, Bean Gulch, Coopeative Way and Fox Lane to Lucky Jeep Trail.

* Warning: All areas in Hawkins Bar and Trinity Village north of Highway 299 between Suzie Q Road and Gray Falls Campground, including Suzie Q Road, Denny Road to Ziegler Point Road, Lone Pine Road, Big Oak Road, China Flat Road, Flame Tree Road, Coon Creek Road, Pony Creek Road, Gray Flat Road, Emerald City Lane, and Ammon Road.

* Warning: All areas along Hyampom Road from Cedar Gulch to Highway 3 are under an Evacuation Warning. This includes Circle Drive, Highland Drive, North Vista Lane, Murray Lane and Bean Gulch and North Talco Way.

* Warning: All areas south of Hyampom Road along Highway 3 to Salt Creek Growers. All areas West on Tule Creek Road from Highway 3 to Jesse Lane.

* Warning: All areas east of Hyampom Road, both north and south of Highway 3 to Big Creek Road. All areas south of Big Creek Road to Morgan Hill Road/Coonrod Gulch. From Coonrod Gulch South West through Kingsbury Gulch to Highway 3. This includes all of Hayfork proper.

* Warning: Canyon Creek Road in Junction City.


For evacuation information, contact the American Red Cross, California Northwest Chapter at 707-832-5480.

* Fireman’s Hall Pavilion, 9 Park St., Fortuna

* First Baptist Church, 1261 Main St., Weaverville


The U.S. Forest Service has temporarily closed all national forests in California. Direct questions to 707-562-9113 or email

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