Hayfork Arrest

Illegal burn piles in Hayfork led to one arrest.

A Hayfork man has been arrested after allegedly threatening firefighters dispatched to extinguish two illegal burn piles.

In the morning hours of Friday, Sept. 11, Cal Fire and the Hayfork Fire Department responded to a reported vegetation fire near the intersection of Morgan Hill Road and Highway 3 in Hayfork. Firefighters arrived and located two illegal fires burning at 810 Morgan Hill Road.

The responsible party, Darryll Russell, 59, of Hayfork was in attendance of two burning garbage piles. When firefighters attempted to extinguish the fires, Russell threatened them by cursing, acting in a threatening manner, and brandishing a knife. As a result, the extinguishment of the fires was delayed.

Approximately 15 minutes later, Trinity County deputies arrived and detained Russell. Russell was determined to have an outstanding warrant and was subsequently arrested. Deputies transported Russell to the Trinity County Jail where they met with Cal Fire Law Enforcement Officers. Cal Fire officers recommended additional charges with the Trinity County District Attorney’s Office for:

► Brandishing a weapon at firefighters with intent to threaten and intimidate;

► Illegally burning during a burn suspension;

► Two counts of Illegally burning garbage;

► Delaying firefighters from extinguishing a fire.

Residents are reminded that outdoor residential burning within the State Responsibility Area of Shasta and eastern Trinity Counties is still prohibited.

For additional information on how to create Defensible Space, on how to be prepared for wildfires, as well as tips to prevent wildfires, visit www.ReadyForWildfire.org.

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