For those wondering about the construction happening in the southwest end of the Holiday Market parking lot, the answer is electrifying.

Trinity County Public Utilities District Manager Paul Hauser said Monday the area will soon have a bank of Tesla electric vehicle chargers. He said Tesla paid the utility up front for the project, which received Planning Department approval in June. According to Planning Department staff, Tesla will be leasing the space from the Ryan family, which owns the property.

Hauser said the project has had some delays, so it’s not certain when it will be complete and operational.

The site will feature eight Tesla chargers, bridging the gap between stations in Redding and Eureka.

“Highway 299 is a significant connecter,” Hauser said.

According to Tesla, their vehicles cost about $15 to $16 to charge, which equates to about 4.5 cents per mile. Charging takes about 15 minutes for 175 miles worth of power. Tesla has more than 25,000 charging stations worldwide and opens about six new ones per week. However, the cars are not tied to the charging stations and can be charged with home power overnight.

Tesla claims that its $95,000 Model S version produces over 1,000 horsepower and will go from zero to 60 in 1.99 seconds. The Model 3 is not slow and comes in at $41,990.

For those thinking they will never afford or consider replacing their petroleum vehicle with a Tesla, one company offers an alternative. EV West, of San Marcos, Calif., now sells a “crate” electric engine that bolts into the chassis of many Chevy V8 vehicles.

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Local Observer

I'm glad it's being built, 299 is as close to a major highway we get in Trinity and I've seen a lot of EVs, my understanding is that the Tesla charging stations are opening up their fast charge for other brands as well. As far as retrofitting a gas vehicle leave it to the pros, it's a cool option though.

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