Updated 2:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 16

PG&E crews safely conducted patrols of the lines that were de-energized in Humboldt and Trinity counties as part of the Public Safety Power Shutoff and everyone has now been restored. The number of customers impacted was 187 in Humboldt County and 178 in Trinity County.

* * *

Due to high fire-risk conditions that are expected to arrive this evening, PG&E will be moving forward with a Public Safety Power Shutoff starting tonight in the north Bay Area. PG&E will begin notifying customers in targeted portions of 24 counties, including western Trinity which is scheduled for shutoff Thursday, Oct. 15.

Hot and dry conditions, combined with expected high wind gusts of up to 55 miles per hour, pose an increased risk for damage to the electric system that has the potential to ignite fires in areas with dry vegetation. Winds are then forecast to decrease Friday to below outage thresholds in all areas with continued warm to hot weather into Saturday.

Follow the wind subsiding, PG&E will then inspect the de-energized lines to ensure they were not damaged during the wind event. PG&E will restore power as quickly as possible, with the goal of restoring most customers within 12 daylight hours, based on current weather conditions.

The shutoff is forecasted to affect approximately 53,000 customers in targeted portions of 24 counties, including 178 customers in Trinity County.

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