If you are heading to the dump this weekend, take a little extra cash to pay the increased tipping fees going into effect this Friday, Oct. 4.

Approved by the Trinity County Board of Supervisors in September to help cover rising costs and deferred maintenance at the county’s transfer stations, the fee increases are expected to generate approximately $600,000 per year in additional revenue to the solid waste enterprise fund.

The tipping fee increase is the first since 2013, and involves only the fees collected at the gate, not the parcel tax of $100 per household equivalent due every year in June.

The new fee schedule is available to view online or download at www.trinitycounty.org under the solid waste department tab. Fees are going up for various items ranging from household waste to construction debris.

The cost to dispose of a 15-gallon kitchen garbage bag is going from $1.43 to $1.92; a 33-gallon can or plastic bag is going from $2.85 to $3.84; a 45-gallon can is going from $3.92 to $5.28; a 55-gallon can is going from $4.82 to $6.48. The cubic yard price is going from $17.84 to $24; and price per ton is going from $178.41 to $240.

Fee increases for small and large pick-up truck loads are also detailed in the updated fee schedule as are changes in fees for handling special waste items including concrete/asphalt/construction/demolition debris, auto bodies, tires, mattresses/box springs and metals.

There is no increase for disposal of clean brush/yard clippings/chipped wood or for white metals, but there are new fees for disposing of fluorescent tubes, and the cost for single stream recycling in Hayfork is going from $6 per cubic yard to $24.

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