The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office said an 11-year-old girl reported to be abducted by her own mother was found safe this morning.

The incident in Weaverville was reported to the Sheriff’s Office on the afternoon of Friday, Feb. 7. It was reported that Sheila Johnson had abducted her biological daughter, Skye Greenway, the Sheriff's Office said.

The incident was reported by Skye’s lawful guardians, who held court ordered relative paternal rights in regards to the child, the Sheriff’s Office said.

During the initial investigation, it was discovered that Skye had collaborated with Johnson in regards to incident, as she had not wished to return to her lawful guardians, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Early this morning, Feb. 8, Johnson contacted the Sheriff’s Office and provided her location and that of Skye. Shortly thereafter, deputies contacted them in the Redding area. Both were in good health, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Interviews were conducted, and it was determined that additional follow-up in regards to the initial investigation would be needed, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Trinity County Child Welfare Services was also contacted, and it was discovered that although Skye is in a legal relative guardianship, Johnson still had the option of petitioning the courts for the full return of her parental rights.

Trinity County Child Welfare Services established a safety plan with the legal guardians and Johnson. An agreement was reached; during which time it was determined that for the time being, Skye would remain with Johnson.

The Sheriff’s Office said no criminal charges are being sought at this time, although the matter remains under review.

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