A proposed rezone and use permit to develop a commercial cannabis distribution facility on property in Douglas City remains under environmental review at the Trinity County Planning Department despite some confusion over the county Board of Supervisors’ agenda last week when it was scheduled for a public hearing, but canceled without explanation.

Planning Director Kim Hunter later clarified that the public hearing was publicly noticed by mistake and the project application must return to the Planning Commission for recommendations before it comes back to the Board of Supervisors. No date has been set yet for that Planning Commission meeting and any future hearings will be re-advertised.

The project applicant is Terrence Mines of Junction City seeking a mitigated negative declaration, a rezone from Highway Commercial to Heavy Commercial and a conditional use permit to establish a cannabis distribution facility on one of the four parcels of property involved located between Highway 3 and Marshall Ranch Road.

The Planning Commission in January recommended certification of the environmental document, but recommended denial of the rezone citing opposition by residential neighbors of the proposed project. Without a rezone, the commission did not consider a conditional use permit.

The Board of Supervisors considered the project in February, ultimately sending it back to the Planning Commission for additional environmental review to address issues of odor, traffic and soil contamination.

Hunter said changes will be made to the draft negative declaration based on the board’s direction and must be considered by the Planning Commission. She said the commission also needs to provide a recommendation to either approve or deny the conditional use permit component of the project which it did not do for the board’s February meeting.

When the project eventually returns to the board for consideration, Hunter said it needs to be presented in its entirety (negative declaration, rezone and conditional use permit) so that it’s consistent with the project description and the environmental review.

“To say the least, the processing of this project has been complicated,” she said.

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