A Notice of Intention to Circulate a Recall Petition against Trinity County Clerk/Recorder/Assessor Shanna White was received by her office on July 3, but has not progressed beyond that point yet.

Copies of the Notice of Intention and a response from White have not been released to the public because the notice was determined to be incomplete. It may be corrected and still move forward. A petition proponent said he was told the notice was incomplete because a signer did not check the box indicating whether the address given was a personal one or that of a business. The elections office declined to state the reason publicly.

Meanwhile, the Trinity County Board of Supervisors has been asked to appoint Assistant Clerk/Recorder/Assessor Julie Barcellona as the county election official to run a recall election in the event there is one against White. As Clerk/Recorder/Assessor, White is the county election official and has a conflict of interest in running the recall, according to County Counsel Margaret Long.

She indicated the Board of Supervisors must appoint another county staff member to serve as the election official to run the recall or contract out the responsibilities to a third party. Barcellona is the only staff member currently qualified and trained to run an election, Long said.

While there is no additional cost to appoint Barcellona, Long indicated that a recall election will cost approximately $35,000 from the county’s general fund.

The Clerk/Recorder/Assessor/Elections Official is an elected position that was filled by a board appointment of White in 2015 to complete the unexpired term of Deanna Bradford. It is next up for election in June 2018 for a new four-year term to begin in January 2019.

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