Trinity County has moved into a more restrictive Blueprint tier due to rising test positivity and case rates. Effective Wednesday, Nov. 11, our county has moved from the yellow tier to the orange tier. All sectors in Trinity County must implement the restrictions as provided in the Blueprint for the orange tier by Saturday, Nov. 14. Refer to the website

The California Department of Health conducts weekly assessment of county case and test positivity trends, if the adjusted case rate and/or test positivity has fallen within a more restrictive tier for two consecutive weekly periods, Trinity County must revert to the more restrictive tier. The following changes include but are not limited to:

Reduce maximum capacity to 25 percent for the following sectors

* Amusement Parks

* Card Rooms

* Dance Studios

* Family Entertainment Centers

* Gyms and Fitness Centers

* Indoor Playgrounds

* Wineries

* Yoga Studios

Bars and Breweries (where no meals are provided) open to outdoor only with modifications. Refer to the guidance for restaurants, wineries, and bars:

Small private gatherings are allowed outdoors with modifications:

* Masks and physical distancing required

* No more than 3 separate households attend (including the host’s)

* Gatherings should be 2 hours or less

* Those with symptoms must not attend

* Those at high risk of severe illness strongly encouraged not to attend

* Singing, shouting, chanting, or exercising strongly discouraged

Refer to the gathering guidance

The fundamental purpose of these modifications, along with consistent masking and social distancing practices, is to limit the ability of the virus to spread and keep communities safe; prevent the health care system from being overwhelmed; and keep businesses and schools open. We know through modeling studies that limiting capacity in high risk sectors such as bars and restaurants, and high-risk activities such as private gatherings could reduce the number of infections by as much as 75 percent.

TCPHB has identified gatherings and specific sectors including bars, supermarkets and workplaces as the main source of the increase in positive cases at this time. Primary contributing factors for the increased spread in these sectors and activities include lack of consistent use of face coverings (masks), little to no social distancing, and limiting contact with others when ill.

Mitigation and containment depends on a number of factors including access to testing and sufficient numbers of Case Investigators (CIs) and Contact Tracers (CTs) to respond to outbreaks and expanding community spread. The TCPHB Surveillance and Control Team continues to engage with CDPH and our local and state Emergency Operations Partners to procure CI/CTs. Our TCPHB is committed to ensuring broad access to testing for all those that request it.

Our residents, communities, and businesses also have a role in mitigation and containment as follows:

* Consistently wear a face covering or mask when out in public at all times

* Consistently practice social distancing of six (6) feet or greater

* Stay home and away from others if you are ill

* Answer the call from TCPHB

Reach out to TCPHB with questions or concerns:


* TCPHB COVID-19 line 530-623-8235

The virus responsible for the COVID-19 Pandemic, SARS-CoV-2 2019, is a formidable foe; however, we have tools at our disposal to ensure individual, community and economic health. This is our best defense until the COVID-19 vaccine is found to be safe and effective and broadly available free-of-charge.

For information on self-quarantine and self-isolation please refer to the Coronavirus Information Page under “Quarantine and Isolation Instructions for Individuals Exposed to COVID-19”

For more information and statistics or to find additional resources visit

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