violations discovered during the raidiolations discovered during the raid

Unlawful stream diversions and alteration, and water pollution from sediment were among the environmental violations discovered during the raid.

During the week of Aug. 24, wildlife officers at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife in collaboration with the Humboldt County, Trinity County, and Mendocino County sheriff’s offices, served eight search warrants on 11 parcels on Island Mountain Road (on or near Raff Creek Road) for illegal commercial cannabis cultivation. The Island Mountain area is at the heart of the Emerald Triangle where Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity counties converge.

A records check confirmed that none of the sites had a state license for commercial cannabis cultivation.

During the operation, officers eradicated more than 28,000 illegal cannabis plants, removed over 4,900 pounds of processed cannabis, seized six firearms and confiscated approximately $100,000 in cash. CDFW’s environmental scientists documented more than 75 environmental crimes.

Violations included unlawful stream diversions and alteration, and water pollution from sediment, the placement of petroleum products and litter where it can enter waters of the state among other activities that harm the environment.

During the operation, officers also observed two subjects associated with the illegal cannabis grow actively poaching. Both were seen with a shouldered rifle on a nearby cattle ranch and cited for that offense as well.

Several subjects were detained during the investigations. Due to multiple limiting factors, no physical arrests were made. Formal complaints will be filed with the Trinity and Mendocino County district attorney’s offices for consideration. No further information is available at this time as these are ongoing investigations.  

To report environmental crimes such as water pollution, water diversions and poaching, call the CalTIP hotline at 888-334-2258 or text information to “TIP411” (847411).

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Colonel E. H. Taylor

"Due to multiple limiting factors, no physical arrests were made"

That's the money shot right there....Maybe the reporter could give us at least one of the multiple factors?

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