A Trinity County jury found a Lewiston woman guilty on eight felony counts of filing false documents with the Trinity court.

Patricia Alice McColm is to be sentenced Jan. 10 by visiting Judge Richard Kalustian.

In his closing statements last week Prosecutor Matt Hudson said McColm offered proofs of service to the court on eight occasions that she knew to be false.

Although McColm had a friend initial the proofs of service that were turned in stating he had served the documents, she knew he had not done so, Hudson said.

The documents pertained to three cases McColm is a defendant in -- a civil case involving PG&E, a civil case involving a contractor, and a traffic ticket.

McColm's defense attorney, Douglas Gardner, countered that the whole case resulted from a "witch hunt" by court services staff because McColm complained about their work performance.

Furthermore, Gardner noted that McColm's friend who initialed the documents often said during his testimony that he did not remember things and to rely on that would be "a big leap to make somebody a felon."

Gardner questioned whether that friend would really have "closed his eyes" and initialed documents when he didn't know what they said.

Hudson responded that court staff are decent people doing their jobs, and the friend did remember he signed all the documents on one day although the dates on the documents were different.

In reality he had not served anyone, Hudson said, and McColm knew that but filed the documents anyway.

McColm could be sentenced to a maximum of more than five years in prison in the case. She could also receive a lesser term, or be granted probation.

In another upcoming trial, McColm is charged with filing a false report of a criminal offense. She pleaded not guilty to the charge.

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