Mountjoy house

The Mountjoy house and property.

A longtime Hayfork family has donated a home and property, estimated to be worth about $1 million, to the Watershed Resource and Training Center.

Nick Goulette, executive director at the Center, spoke highly of Bob and Jan Mountjoy, longtime volunteers and community members who have been involved in many civic projects in the Hayfork area. Bob was the chair of the Center’s board for over 20 years and Jan worked at the library. Goulette said the two have a long history of volunteerism, and were an integral part of the beautification of downtown Hayfork.

“When they moved back to be with family in Santa Cruz as they’re both in their 90s now, they talked to their kids and decided to donate their home and property in Hayfork to the Watershed Center,” Goulette said, adding that an endowment was included for continued care and maintenance of the property. Spanning 40 acres north of Hayfork, the property is dotted with oak trees and meadows, with a seasonal stream running through it.

He said the stream and property provide an opportunity to conduct environmental stewardship and ecological monitoring of long-term trends that would be difficult to do anywhere else.

Goulette said the donation will help continue the center’s mission of land stewardship in the area, and the home will serve as a residence for staff.

“The home is a nice asset as we are looking to recruit and retain staff,” he said, noting the difficulties in finding local rentals.

“Their wish was that it serve that purpose,” he said, “and to help us continue our mission.”

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Trinity Bob

What a great idea and a lovely thing to do!

Mr. and Mrs. Mountjoy, we applaud you! Your generosity and kindness to the community set a fine example of loving and contributing to your community over the years, culminating in your big-hearted donation.

Congratulations too on rearing such unselfish kids, who are supportive of your charitable decision.



That's the Bob and Jan I know. What a wonderful contribution!

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