The Shasta-Trinity National Forest and the Shasta-Trinity and Six Rivers NF Patrol Districts are submitting applications to request grant funds from the State of California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division to enhance and manage motorized recreation in the area.

Local Shasta-Trinity National Forest projects include:

► Shasta-Trinity OHV MVUM Route Planning will allow us to evaluate OHV routes and produce a free Motor Vehicle Use Map for public use with updates on open roads and use types.

► Shasta-Trinity Forest Wide OHV Ground Operations will focus on facility maintenance, monitoring patrols, roads and trails maintenance. We will maintain existing OHV routes by grading, adding water bars or drainage features, improve stream crossings and drainage features along OHV routes using armoring and erosion control materials that are obtained onsite. Seasonal staff will perform maintenance activities on OHV and OSV routes which includes; brushing, limbing, logging out of fallen trees, tread maintenance, conduct visitor contacts, and monitor OHV routes, etc. We will continue with OHV and OSV route marker and directional sign installation, servicing of OHV and OSV restrooms, campgrounds, trailheads, and trash removal.

Shasta-Trinity National Forest and Six Rivers National Forest Law Enforcement projects:

► These two Law Enforcement project proposals allow the Patrol Districts to promote an educational environment for Off Highway Vehicle use, within regulations, and to encourage healthy use of our Public Lands. OHV related Law Enforcement activities on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest include public information, education and enforcement, incident management, resource monitoring and protection.

► The project supports enforcement of all laws pertaining to OHV operation; emphasizing noise levels, resource protection and prevention of OHV trespass. OHV related Law Enforcement activities stress public contact, face-to-face information and education, violation prevention and signing.

► The project provides patrol coverage for public safety, wildlife, soils and habitat protection while sustaining OHV recreation opportunities.

Preliminary grant applications will be submitted to the OHMVR Division by March 2. The public will be able to comment on the preliminary applications from March 3 to May 4, by logging onto the California state website. Final applications must be submitted by June 1.

For more information about the state grant process and requirements, visit the OHMVR Division website at To review the grant applications submitted by the Shasta-Trinity NF, please visit and search for USFS Shasta-Trinity NF under the “Agency” tab and/or USFS - Shasta-Trinity/Six Rivers NF - Patrol District.

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