*Please note that due to concerns over the new coronavirus, Trinity County Solid Waste currently is not accepting recyclables, which require additional handling. Paper and cardboard is being handled and paid for as regular trash.

Trinity County residents who diligently separate out their paper waste prior to taking it to a designated recycling trailer at Trinity County Solid Waste may be surprised to find out that it’s winding up in the same place as the rest of their garbage – the landfill.

This has been going on since the facility in Corning that used to take Trinity’s paper and cardboard burned in July 2018.

“They never did reopen that facility, so I’m trying to find alternatives,” said Diane Rader, Solid Waste deputy director. “I have not given up yet.”

But there are still reasons to separate out paper, she said. For one thing, there is no tipping fee for the paper and cardboard taken in as recycling. Also, credit is provided toward payment of the annual dump fee.

“What I’m trying to do is get something in place soon enough that I don’t have to shut down the program and restart it again,” she said. “I feel I’m getting closer to that end result.”

The single-stream recycling facility in Hayfork has been in the same bind, but by raising the price for this plastic, glass and paper to the same level as garbage, Rader said the amount coming in is reduced and it is cleaner. She was hoping to be able to stockpile the material in Hayfork until a facility is found to receive it, she said.

Rader said, “When I find a home for the paper and cardboard, that same home should work for the single-stream also.”

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