Seven proposals amounting to more than $188,000 in requests have been submitted for Title III funding this year in Trinity County through the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act of 2000, but only $87,944 is available in funding received from the past fiscal year.

All seven proposals will be advertised for the mandatory 45-day period, then go back to the Trinity County Board of Supervisors for final approval. If the board decides to fund all the proposals, it will need to determine at what levels.

Authorized uses of Title III funds are limited to specific activities that increase protection of people and property from wildfires; reimbursement to counties for search and rescue and other emergency services; training costs and equipment purchases directly related to emergency services and development/implementation of community wildfire protection plans.

This year’s applicants for funding are as follows:

The Watershed Research and Training Center seeks $34,320 for its neighborhood fuels reduction program; the Trinity County Resource Conservation District seeks $30,000 for coordination and implementation of its Firewise Communities Program; the Weaverville Fire District seeks $30,000 for its fire prevention and county planning projects assisting property owners in clearing defensible space; the Southern Trinity Volunteer Fire Department is seeking $2,100 for firefighter safety training and $4,500 to equip a newly purchased wildland fire skid unit; the Coffee Creek Volunteer Fire District seeks $3,000 to replace worn out, personal safety turn-out gear for wildland firefighting; Southern Trinity Area Rescue seeks $80,544 to replace two heart monitors in its ambulances and the Trinity Center Volunteer Fire Department seeks $3,600 for a neighborhood fuels reduction project.

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