The Shasta-Trinity National Forest has temporarily amended fuelwood cutting restrictions on the Shasta-Trinity National Recreation Area for a limited time. Historically the NRA has not permitted the cutting of fuelwood within its boundaries due to the limited amount of material for wildlife habitat and high recreation use. This area is now open in response to a large number of downed trees resulting from recent winter storms and wood cutting is allowed with a valid permit through May 1.

Cutting fuelwood for personal use is a popular pasttime for many people who live near the Shasta-Trinity National Forest and is possible with the purchase of a fuelwood permit. Anyone 18 years or older may purchase a permit at any Forest Service office. The personal use fuelwood cutting permit consists of the permit itself, personal use fuelwood map, motor vehicle use maps and fuelwood tags.

Due to the diversity of timber stands, forest specific management goals and other considerations, the rules for cutting fuelwood differ from forest to forest and sometimes district to district. The permit is valid for cutting fuelwood only in the zones designated on the permit and maps. Fuelwood cutting on the NRA is restricted to the area within 100 feet adjacent to forest roads and excludes campgrounds, marinas, recreation residences and administrative buildings. This is a supplement to the existing fuelwood permitting process and all of the same conditions apply as written with the Shasta-Trinity National Forest personal fuelwood map for the Shasta Zone (R5-UP-081A).

Keep in mind that areas of private land are scattered within the boundaries of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest and the permit is NOT valid for cutting wood on private land. The cost for a personal use fuelwood cutting permit is $5 per cord with a minimum charge of $20. A maximum of 12 cords may be purchased per individual per year. For more information, or updates, contact the Shasta Lake Ranger Station at 14225 Holiday Road in Redding or by phone at 530-275-1587.

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