Authorities say they have little to go on but were able to collect DNA samples from the scene of a home invasion robbery in Hayfork Friday, March 13.

According to a Sheriff’s Office release, a 911 caller reported at about 10:30 p.m. that they had escaped from a residence where an armed male was still inside with another victim.

Sheriff’s Detective Josh Ford said units responded from around the county, including two who were investigating an unrelated body discovery case in Forest Glen.

“We had two rolling from Forest Glen and one from Weaverville, two CHP from Weaverville, a Forest Service unit from Hayfork and a Fish and Wildlife Warden who was assisting with the recovery,” Ford said. “The Fish and Wildlife warden, a deputy and Forest Service officer got there first, and they all went in together.”

Officers found the suspect had already left in a vehicle but had no description of it. “Once there, they located the remaining victim, who appeared uninjured,” the release said. “The remaining victim indicated that the suspect had bound the victim’s hands with zip ties and also placed a canvas bag over the victim’s face.”

Ford said investigators were able to recover the zip ties and bag, along with other items likely to contain DNA evidence. The bag and zip ties were removed from the victim prior to officer’s arrival by a third subject, who left the scene prior to their arrival, Ford said. He also noted that one of the victims had a felony arrest warrant.

The remaining victims described the suspect as an Asian male, age 25 to 30, of slender build, about 5-foot-2, wearing a black shirt and a hat, with no facial hair.

Ford said the suspect left in a vehicle, which was neither seen or heard by the victims but the victims, of Hmong descent, recognized the suspect’s language.

“The victims indicated that the suspect, who they did not recognize, had been fluent in Hmong,” the release said. “The suspect stole approximately 50 pounds of processed marijuana from the victims.”

Ford said the marijuana was taken from the house in three large trash bags.

Anyone with information should contact the Sheriff’s Office at 623-2611.

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